The Making of Barcelona Pavilion

Please download the pdf here: The Making of Barcelona Pavilion

3d Rendering Interiors

3d Rendering Interiors, a set on Flickr.

Sept. Challenge:Mies Van De Rohe's Barcelon Pavilion

Goals: Camaraderie, celebration, learning from each other, sharing and encouraging excellence through discovery and experimentation.RULEs: All the rendered images will be put here. You can use any rendering engine (Photo-realistic only- no animation and Non-photo-Realistic render). The entry submission will be closed at end of September. ALL members are eligible to participate including the Admins (unless they waived that they are not included). Member can opt to send maximum of 3 entries. You can remove or retain the existing components (trees, furniture). You cannot add to the model, additional walls, partition. but you can place new components (ivies, lights, entourage) and add new textures. If you are adding cracks or any other effects be sure its material manipulation not modeling. Only entries inside the September challenge album will be considered official entries.This challenge is only for exterior render. you can also produced a render from outside looking inside the interior…