CityLIFE Begins

The long awaited, third architectural visualization challenge, is here at last on a brand new site with an exciting and challenging theme – CityLIFE!

This time we will explore one of the most complex and vast subject matter in our field, our urban way of living. Cities come in all shapes an sizes across human history, both as real places and as figment of our imagination in various art forms such as paintings, novels, songs, and movies. The City offers many to gather in one place, live and work in it throughout the seasons and create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Your mission is to showcase the life in the city… of your choice.

CityLIFE Duration

September 12, 2011 – December 24, 2011.

Your Mission

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to showcase CityLIFE in two different seasons – Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring. Other then the main still image category, I’m opening a Real-Time & 2D Concept Art categories too for the first time in this challenge, for those of you who want to explore that way of presenting an architectural idea more.


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